7 Tips to Maximize Your Next Roll Off Dumpster Rental

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If you're planning a home renovation or construction project, you may need to rent a roll off dumpster to dispose of the debris. 

The Benefits of a Roll Off Dumpster

Whether you have thought about it before or not, roll off dumpsters are actually a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of debris from a home renovation or construction project. 

Apart from being cost effective, roll off dumpsters are efficient. They are designed to hold large quantities of debris, so you can dispose of everything at once. This can help keep your worksite clean and organized, and reduce the amount of time you spend on cleanup. 

As well as a roll off dumpster can make for a safer work environment. Rather than leaving debris lying around, you can have a place to dispose of it. 

But before you rent a dumpster, it's important to consider a few key factors to ensure a smooth and successful rental experience. 

Here are 7 tips you need to know before renting your next roll off dumpster.

(1) Determine the size of the dumpster you need

Roll off dumpsters come in various sizes, and it's important to choose the right size for your project. Measure the space where you'll be placing the dumpster, and consider the amount and type of debris you'll be disposing of.

(2) Determine the location for the dumpster

You'll need to decide where you want the dumpster placed on your property. Consider factors like: 

  • Accessibility for the dumpster truck
  • Proximity to the area where you'll be generating debris
  • Any potential impact on neighbors or the surrounding area.

(3) Check local regulations 

Some cities, towns, and HOA’s have regulations about where and how roll off dumpsters can be placed. Make sure to check with your local government, as well as your HOA, if you have one,  to see if there are any restrictions or permits required.

(4) Consider the type of debris you'll be disposing of

Different types of debris may require different types of dumpsters. For example, if you'll be disposing of heavy materials like concrete or asphalt, you may need a heavier-duty dumpster.

When it comes to debris, there are a few best practices you should consider when renting a roll off dumpster. Following these guidelines will help you fill your dumpster quickly and efficiently, maximizing the space available in the dumpster, as well as the time you have with the dumpster.

  • Sort your debris: Sort your debris into categories, such as metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, and so on. This will make it easier to dispose of the items properly and may also help you recycle certain items.
  • Remove any hazardous materials: Some materials, such as batteries, paint, oil, and chemicals, are considered hazardous and cannot be disposed of in a roll off dumpster. These materials should be disposed of at a specialized facility.
  • Break down large items: Large items, such as furniture and appliances, should be disassembled or broken down as much as possible to save space in the dumpster. If you are disposing of appliances, please let our team know so that we might be able to properly dispose of these items. We have to take appliances to a separate area in the Denton dump, and we need to know about them beforehand so we can plan accordingly.
  • Remove any recyclable items: If you have items that can be recycled, such as metal or cardboard, remove them from the debris and recycle them separately.
  • Compact the debris: Compact the debris as much as possible to make the most of the space in the dumpster. This may involve using a broom or shovel to push the debris down or using a compactor if you have one available.

By following these steps, you can make it easier to dispose of your debris and help reduce the impact on the environment.

(5) Review the rental agreement

Make sure you understand the terms of the rental agreement, including any fees or charges that may be incurred for exceeding weight limits or keeping the dumpster for an extended period of time.

At Wise Guys Dumpsters we seek to be as transparent as possible with our fees. Not only are they outlined on our website, but if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out and ask. Customer service is important to us. We are always just a phone call away. 

(6) Know the weight limits

Roll off dumpsters have weight limits, and you may be charged extra if you exceed those limits. Make sure you know the weight limits of the dumpster you're renting and plan accordingly.

2 tons is included with both our 15 yard dumpster and 20 yard dumpster. For every ton over 2 tons, there is an $65 dollar a ton fee. This covers our cost at the Denton dump. 

While you can load the dumpster with additional tons of material, keep in mind that certain materials such as rock and concrete, as well as fill dirt, is extremely heavy and can easily pass the 2 ton weight limit. If you fill the dumpster full with dirt, rock, or concrete, it can become so heavy that we are not able to load it on the truck.

If you have any questions about how much rock, concrete, or dirt you can put in a dumpster, please give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about your project and whether or not a dumpster would be the best option for you. 

(7) Choose a reputable company

It's important to choose a reputable company to rent your dumpster from. Look for companies that have good customer reviews and a track record of reliability. As well as companies that are available by phone and are upfront about their pricing. If you are wondering, here are a few more tips on what to look for when choosing a reputable dumpster rental company


In conclusion, renting a roll off dumpster can be a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of debris from a home renovation or construction project. 

By considering factors like the size and location of the dumpster, local regulations, and the type of debris you'll be disposing of, you can ensure a smooth and successful rental experience. 

Best practices like sorting, removing hazardous materials, breaking down large items, removing recyclables, and compacting debris, will allow you to maximize the space in the dumpster and reduce the impact on the environment. Make sure to review the rental agreement carefully and choose a reputable company to work with.

By following these tips, you can make your next roll off dumpster rental a success.

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