What is the Cost of Renting a Commercial Dumpster?

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Renting a commercial dumpster involves various factors that affect the cost. Wise Guys Dumpsters offers a transparent pricing structure, ensuring that you are fully aware of the costs involved without any hidden fees. Below, we break down the elements that impact the cost of renting a dumpster with Wise Guys Dumpsters:

1. Size of the Dumpster

Wise Guys Dumpsters offers two sizes for roll-off dumpsters:

  • 15 Yard Dumpster: This size is suitable for small to medium projects such as attic, basement, or garage cleanouts, small kitchen removal, bath tear-outs, or flooring and carpet removal. Its dimensions are 14x7x4 feet.
  • 20 Yard Dumpster: A more substantial option, this dumpster is ideal for medium to large projects including house and building cleanouts, new construction, demolition projects, and large kitchen & bath removal. It measures 14x7x6 feet.

2. Duration of the Rental

You can rent a dumpster from Wise Guys Dumpsters for various durations:

  • 3-Day Rental: Suitable for short-term projects. The cost is $375 for a 15-yard dumpster and $400 for a 20-yard dumpster.
  • 7-Day Rental: Ideal for medium-term projects. A 15-yard dumpster costs $400, and a 20-yard dumpster is $425.
  • 10-Day Rental: Best for longer projects that require more time. The 15-yard dumpster is priced at $425 and the 20-yard dumpster at $450.
  • 14-Day Rental (Special for 20 Yard Dumpster): Exclusively for 20-yard dumpsters rented for construction projects. The cost is $500.

3. Type of Waste

The type of waste generally doesn't affect the initial rental price, but keep in mind that certain materials may have specific disposal fees or recycling requirements.

4. Location

Wise Guys Dumpsters includes delivery within their service area in the rental price. Be sure to check if your location is within their service area to avoid additional delivery fees.

5. Overage Fees

Both the 15 and 20-yard dumpsters from Wise Guys Dumpsters include 2 tons (4,000 lbs.) of waste. However, if you exceed this limit, an overage fee of $65 per ton will be charged. This is to account for additional fees assessed by the landfill. Additionally, there is an overage fee of $10/day after the rental period ends ($5/day for the 14-day rental).

6. Additional Dumpster Discount

For 20-yard dumpsters, Wise Guys Dumpsters offers a discount of $50 off the standard price for every dumpster ordered after the first one.

7. Custom Quotes

If you have a unique project or special requirements, Wise Guys Dumpsters offers custom quotes. You can reach out to them at 940-202-0903 for more details.

In summary, Wise Guys Dumpsters provides straightforward and transparent pricing, ensuring that customers are aware of all costs involved in renting a commercial dumpster. Considering factors like size, duration, type of waste, and location can help you budget more effectively for your project.

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